Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms Curriculum

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“Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms,” designed for K to Grade 2 students, is comprised of five lesson plans and a teacher's guide. The curriculum uses the cast of cat characters from the book to help teach children about bullying and accepting others even if they have differences.

Each Lesson Plans focuses on an aspect of bullying, developing awareness/understanding and building skills. These teaching units center on the story’s themes, which include: Bullying, Differences, Emotions, Fears, Empathy, Self-assertion and Friendship.

Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms includes the following:

  • Lesson Plan 1: What is Bullying?
  • Lesson Plan 2: Feelings And Bullying
  • Lesson Plan 3: Teaching Bystanders To Be Upstanders
  • Lesson Plan 4: Protecting Myself And Protecting Others
  • Lesson Plan 5: Let's Make Our Classroom Bully-Free
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guide
  • Fun, Engaging & Educational Activities & Certificates Of Completion

"Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms" will help to enrich the teachable moments for your students and to enhance your experience in teaching them.

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