Kitty Cats Book

$ 11.95

Bullying is not fun, but learning about it can be. The Kitty Cats book introduces the concept of bullying and building self-worth, and it fosters communication between children and adults.    

In the book, Carlos the Hairless Cat has a memorable first day of school at Meowville Elementary. Although he is the smartest kitty cat in class, the others can’t look past his appearance. The story unfolds once the school bully confronts Carlos about his unique features. Carlos works together with his friends and family to face the challenge of being different, and along the way, he learns to appreciate his individuality. Children will be entertained as they discover with Carlos and his schoolmates that each cat has a gift — something that makes them special — and that sometimes, it takes a difficult experience to discover it. 

All children have unique talents. In this story, Carlos finds his.

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